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Featured Ads Packages

Featured ads Package choose the one match your style

Choose one of the subscriptions below that matches your business style, differentiate ads to reach the maximum number of customers - knowing that you can post free but limited ads - these packages only if you want to publish more ads and differentiate your ad to reach the most views.

Mazadoka individuals
  • Validity 180 Days
  • Simple Ads Unlimited
  • Featured Ads 3
  • Bump-up Ads 20
  • No Of Images 1
  • Allow Bidding 0
  • Video URL yes
  • Allow Tags yes
  • Categories : All
Mazadoka Business
  • Validity 365 Days
  • Simple Ads Unlimited
  • Featured Ads 30
  • Bump-up Ads 40
  • No Of Images 3
  • Allow Bidding 10
  • Video URL yes
  • Allow Tags yes
  • Categories : All
Mazadoka Platinum
  • Validity Lifetime
  • Simple Ads Unlimited
  • Featured Ads 300
  • Bump-up Ads 500
  • No Of Images 7
  • Allow Bidding 500
  • Video URL yes
  • Allow Tags yes
  • Categories : All

Is it mandatory to subscribe to a classified ads service?

The Mazadoka Advertising Service is an optional but preferred service through which you can distinguish your ads and appear at the top of the main pages, which increases the percentage of your ads.

Post-Expiration Announcements What happens to my ads and my membership on the site?

All the memberships and ads on the site Mazadoka is 100% free If you bought any of the ad packages, you can upgrade your previous and new ads, and after the expiration of your package special All ads return to their free status as well as your membership without any deletion of any advertisement or membership.

How to subscribe to the classifieds?

The way to subscribe is easy and simple … Just choose any of the above packages and buy the rest follow the instructions and then will upgrade your membership and you can promote any previous or new announcement. Payment by credit card or visa …. can communicate with us if you do not fit this process we have other solutions

How much does it cost to advertise my business?

The cost mentioned in the bundles is in dollars – when you complete the purchase process, the site will calculate the value of your business in your country or in dollars if your account is in dollars.

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